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Global Overseas Marketing Partner

Global Overseas Marketing Partner

“Ramju is a professional and effective overseas marketing partner for the success of businesses targeting the global market. Drive your company's international growth with creative, results-driven strategies. By combining local expertise and global insight, we will work together to achieve success in new markets. While you focus on your business with economical service costs, Ramjwi will focus on your overseas online marketing.”

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Premium WP multilingual site

Premium WP multilingual site

“Ramjwi’s premium WP multilingual site takes your company’s global digital presence to the next level with its sophisticated design and outstanding functionality. The most important point of a multilingual site targeting the overseas global market is not construction, but management and operation by experienced experts specialized in overseas markets. Through Ramjwi, a global overseas marketing expert Build an optimized multilingual site for international success.”

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Special premium WP multilingual site

Pottery Magazine Co., Ltd.

online magazine North America / Europe

“In response to the increasing demand from dog owners, we distributed dog education information online in six languages, including English, and gained access and paid subscribers even in North America and Europe, which are advanced countries for pets.”

Beauty Direct Co., Ltd.

K Beauty China / Southeast Asia

“Following the growth of the global K-beauty trend, beauty shop and plastic surgery matching services for overseas visitors were implemented online through Ramju’s consulting, and paid services in the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets increased more than 12 times.”

Joint Fit Co., Ltd.

sewing manufacturing North Europe

As a professional sewing export manufacturer with 45 years of experience, in competition with low-priced Chinese sewing companies, we have established a long-term relationship by connecting with buyers in the Nordic market for healthcare-related sewing through an online market.