You can now use DALL-E in ChatGPT to enhance your AI-generated images

Artificial intelligence continues to revolutionize the way we interact with technology, and one area where artificial intelligence has made significant advances is image creation. OpenAI's DALL-E, an AI image generator, recently introduced a groundbreaking feature that allows users to edit images created using ChatGPT, an AI chatbot. This new feature opens up a world of possibilities for users as they can now edit and improve their AI-generated masterpieces without leaving the chat interface. In this article, we'll look at how you can use DALL-E's features to edit your images and get creative.

Edit DALL·E images in ChatGPT

DALL-E The Power of Image Editing

DALL-E is an advanced AI model that can generate a variety of images in various formats and styles, including horizontal, vertical, and square. With the latest update, DALL-E now allows users to select a portion of the generated image and describe the changes they would like to see. If you want to remove or adjust a specific part of a photo, you can use DALL-E's image editing features.

How to Edit Images with ChatGPT

Editing images using DALL-E in ChatGPT is a seamless process that helps users realize their creative vision. To get started, open ChatGPT and navigate to DALL-E GPT. Enter a prompt describing the image you want to view, then click the “Select” tool in the top right corner of the image. This tool works similarly to Photoshop's Spot Healing Brush tool, allowing you to highlight the area you want to edit.

Once you select the desired area, a prompt box will appear at the bottom right of the image. This box allows you to describe the changes you want to make to the selected section. If you want to replace an object, modify text, or apply a specific style, simply pass your desired edits to ChatGPT.

Harness the power of style prompts

DALL-E's image editing capabilities are further enhanced with the introduction of style prompts. These prompts serve as a source of inspiration and give users a starting point on their image creation journey. Whether you're looking to evoke a fairytale aesthetic, incorporate motion blur, or explore baroque style, DALL-E's style prompts can help kickstart your creative process.

To use style prompts, simply select the style you want from the options provided. Hovering your mouse over each style displays an example of the visual characteristics of that particular style. Once you select a style, it will be added to the prompt to give you a base. From there, creative direction is in your hands, allowing you to experiment and refine your AI-generated images.

Advantages of image editing with DALL-E

The ability to edit AI-generated images within ChatGPT offers users a variety of benefits. DALL-E's image editing features provide you with the following key benefits:

1. Seamless workflow integration

OpenAI has streamlined the creative workflow for users by integrating image editing directly into the ChatGPT interface. Users can now save time and effort by editing AI-generated images within the same environment, rather than switching between different tools or platforms.

2. Improved creative control

DALL-E's image editing capabilities give users greater control over the final output of AI-generated images. Whether removing unwanted elements, adding new objects, or modifying text, users can fine-tune their creations to fit their artistic vision.

3. Increased diversity

The ability to edit AI-generated images opens up new possibilities for creative expression. Users can tailor images for a variety of purposes, including designing posters, creating flyers, and enhancing visual content for social media.

4. Inspirational style prompts

Adding style prompts to DALL-E sparks creativity and gives users a starting point for the image creation process. These prompts provide a variety of artistic styles to explore, helping users find inspiration and direction for their AI-generated images.

5. User-friendly interface

OpenAI considered user convenience a top priority when designing DALL-E's image editing function. ChatGPT's intuitive interface allows both beginners and experienced users to easily navigate the image editing process, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Future Developments and Considerations

As AI technology continues to advance, image editing capabilities are expected to become more advanced. OpenAI's commitment to improving user experience and solving problems related to AI-generated images is evident in the ongoing updates and improvements to DALL-E. Current features allow for impressive image editing, but there's always room for growth and improvement.

It's important to remember that while DALL-E helps users edit AI-generated images, it also requires guidance and input from the user. ChatGPT's understanding of prompts and instructions plays a key role in achieving the edits you want. Users must be aware of the limitations of the system and provide clear, concise instructions to achieve the best results.


The ability to edit AI-generated images within ChatGPT using DALL-E is game-changing for creative individuals and professionals alike. The ability to modify, adapt, and improve AI creations allows users to unlock new levels of creativity and explore endless possibilities. Whether you're a graphic designer, content creator, or simply an enthusiast looking to experiment with AI-generated images, DALL-E's image editing capabilities provide a powerful and user-friendly solution. Embrace the future of image editing with DALL-E and let your imagination run wild.

Additional information:  DALL-E's image editing features are only available to ChatGPT paid customers. Editing features can be accessed through DALL-E GPT within ChatGPT on both web and mobile platforms.

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