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Google Search Consult: Role and use as a key tool in digital marketing

Google Search Consult is an essential tool in your digital marketing strategy. Google is the world's most used search engine, and achieving a top ranking on search results pages (SERPs) is a key factor in improving a company's online visibility. At this time, Google Search Consult analyzes and optimizes the website's performance to help it achieve higher rankings.

important point

  1. Analyze keywords and determine search volume: Google Search Consult provides search volume and competition status for specific keywords entered by users. This will help you understand which keywords have high search volume and what the competition is like. Therefore, you can use this information to efficiently select keywords and optimize content.
  2. Internal and external link analysis: Google determines search engine rankings by considering the quality of a website's internal link structure and external links. Using Google Search Consult, you can analyze these link structures and create a structure that is advantageous for SEO. Additionally, you can increase the credibility of your website by checking the quality of links from external sites.
  3. Content performance analysis: You can analyze how well your website is exposed and what the click-through rate is when users search for specific keywords. This helps you evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your content.
  4. competitive analysis: By analyzing the performance of competitors' websites, you can evaluate and improve your own strategy. You can complement your own strategy by finding out which keywords your competitors are strong in and what strategies they are using.

purpose of use

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Improve your website's SEO through Google Search Consulting and ensure it ranks high on the search results page.
  • Establish a content strategy: Establish and execute content strategy through keyword analysis and content performance analysis.
  • Marketing Strategy Evaluation: Evaluate and improve your own marketing strategy by comparing the performance and strategies of competitors.
  • Site traffic analysis: Monitor website traffic and identify changing trends to optimize marketing and content strategies.

Google Search Consult has established itself as an essential tool in modern digital marketing. It is important to utilize this tool effectively to maximize the performance of your website.

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