Joint Fit Co., Ltd.

“45년 경력의 전문 봉제 수출제조업체로서 저가 공세의 중국 봉제 업체들과의 경쟁에서 건강의료 관련 봉제를 온라인 시장을 통해 북유럽 시장에 바이어와 연결, 장기적인 관계를 맺게되었습니다.”

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Beauty Direct Co., Ltd.

“Following the growth of the global K-beauty trend, beauty shop and plastic surgery matching services for overseas visitors were implemented online through Ramju’s consulting, and paid services in the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets increased more than 12 times.”

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Pottery Magazine Co., Ltd.

“In response to the increasing demand from dog owners, we distributed dog education information online in six languages, including English, and gained access and paid subscribers even in North America and Europe, which are advanced countries for pets.”

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